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No more auto-tune!

AUDIO GAMBLER Music ent. co. is a Song and Soundtrack Sound-Recordings administrator, responsible for the expansion, packaging, and syndication of audio-productions across European-markets and media. -- a.k.a. [Takeo Tama, Europe, channel]

Audio Gambler offers a variety of titles spanning all genres and styles including (but not limited to) Classical, Electro, Pop/Rock, and 8/16-Bit sequences (a.k.a. Chiptunes). -- [with FREEMIUM and PREMIUM access available] *

All Songs and Soundtracks are available wherever Recordings are sold and are ready for synchronization in Film, Television, Video-Games and related productions.

Virtually all Vocal and Instrumental masters provided by Audio Gambler (and connected organizations) are assigned to one Song-Writer and one Publisher.

All sound-recordings are also YouTube ready! Just use the tracks you want in your videos and upload!!

NO Lists, NO Sign-Ups, NO Junk.

For all Business (i.e. Marketing) inquiries such as Advertising, Endorsement, or Sponsorship, as well as Public Relations; please contact directly, thank-you...

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